Last July 10th 2012 the Jury`s verdict of “Ciedes Foundation” (Fundación Ciedes) about “Idea Contest about Guadalmedina River Integration in the City” was known. The fifth place award was given to IUS URBIS ABOGADOS (main director: Architect Francisco Javier Alés Soto) by Accesit. Work-team is formed by: Ius Urbis Abogados, SCP, Fco. Javier Alés Soto, Salvador García Durán, José García Villalobos, Mª Teresa Martín Casaño y Borja Oliva Álvarez. Co-workers are: Crisanto Barcía García, Lidia Sotelo Torres, Maximiliano Mateos Mateos y Daniel Pérez Garrido. We would like to thank to all work-team and co-workers their time and dedication on this work, wich is perhaps one of the most risky we have done.

The bid arises from changing the Presa Limonero management, with a view of minimize as much as possible the course of the river, and having the sole purpose of free up space for public cessions. With this bid we expect to turn the river into the heart of the city, creating areas for public parks and other public cessions, and, in the same way, smartening up the facades of existent buildings on both sides of the river. These actions will improve travel movements East-West and vice versa significantly (one of the tender’s objectives) because will be created an underground area too.

We also take this opportunity to thank all work-teams wich have participated, and in particular we congratulate the winning bid. All bids presented can be found exhibited to the public on CAC.